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    Sharing the story with one of the oldest technologies --...
    blog entry posted October 22, 2011 by Richard E Lillie, last edited February 10, 2012, tagged teaching, technology, technology tools 
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    Sharing the story with one of the oldest technologies -- Print on a page

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    • Julie Smith David

      Rick - i really appreciated your talking about "old technology."  Like you, I have found that at times having book reviews for class is really valuable.  This term I have student teams, and each student is reading a different book. Together, the 5 books provide a great foundation for their group project.  I'm hoping that the students will get into their books, and then share the big insights with the rest of the class.  I'm curious from others:

      1)  Have you had students read business books, as Rick disucsses?  If so, how have you used them?

      2)  Do you have students reading things about the economic climate - and, if so, how are you linking that back to your accounting materials? (I am a little nervous about getting into current events and sharing my own, personal opinions... but I'm trying to get over that - hints for how?)

      Again - thanks for sharing some thought provoking ideas - and for talking about "low tech" solutions for our classes!