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    What's the future of scholarly publishing?
    blog entry posted August 18, 2012 by Julie Smith David, last edited August 18, 2012 
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    What's the future of scholarly publishing?

    The Intellectual Property Task Force spent the last academic year developing a medium-term strategy for our publications (we are going to remain in control of our editorial decisions and will focus on managing partnership with world-class providers), and now they're beginning to explore what the long term future might look like for scholarly publishing.  We're going to be looking into the article of the future in the next few months, and we've been benchmarking with other publishers to see what business models might emerge.

    Do you think that open access will become commonly used?  Is there a need for a business mega journal like PLoS?  If you'd like to learn more, watch the attached video (click this link or "more" below), and please provide comments about what you think the future of scholarly publishing might look like... and what we should be studying now to be ready for that future!