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    Andrea R Drake
    How do I find hives I have access to, but have not made a...
    question posted October 8, 2009 by Andrea R Drake, last edited February 10, 2012 
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    How do I find hives I have access to, but have not made a favorite yet?

    A doctoral student made our "class" a hive and added myself and the other students as users.  However, neither I nor the other students could find the hive.  We eventually "stumbled" on it, but do not remember how we did it.  Is there an easy answer to the above question?   



    • Judy Cothern

      The easiest way is to use the advanced search feature located above the green nav bar and to the right. Click on "advanced". Then if you know the hive title or keywords in the title, click on "hives", add key text and click "search". It will bring up a list of hives that match the keywords and that you have permission to see. If you don't know the hive title, then click on "people" and search for the hive creator's name. Click on the person's name or avatar to go to their profile. Then in the tabs under their name, click on "hives" and you should find it there—again if you have permission to view it. Once you have found the hive you are looking for, be sure to add it to you favorites by clickin on the little ribbon icon.