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CPE session

    Nicole Thibodeau
    GNP session for PhD students and new faculty
    CPE session posted June 11, 2010 by Nicole Thibodeau, last edited June 17, 2010 by David Boynton 
    GNP session for PhD students and new faculty
    leader(s), affiliation(s):
    Angela Gore and Nicole Thibodeau
    session description:


     We would like to call your attention to our section’s CPE program for the AAA national meeting in San Francisco.  We are trying something new this year, with the program oriented toward Ph.D. students and newer faculty (including those trying to break into the GNP area).  Sessions include discussions on classic/cutting-edge GNP research; how to find and use data; and circulating/polishing/publishing GNP manuscripts (with a panel of editors).  We have pulled together a really great group of speakers, and also  plan to have some interactive time.  Speakers include Bob Yetman, Randy Elder, Ranjani Krishnan, Linda Parsons, Angela Gore; and an editorial panel, with Bill Baber (representing JOGNA), Harry Evans (incoming TAR editor), and Marty Loeb (representing JAPP).

     The costis a mere $90 for an action-packed afternoon of GNP research, including a chance to meet other new people, as well as those more established in our field, and only $45 for students. It is scheduled for Sunday, August 1 from 1-4:30, with a chance to socialize afterwards. 

     We are asking for your help in identifying both Ph.D. students and newer faculty.  If you can please pass along their names to us (so we can personally invite them), or else encourage them to sign up for the CPE, we would appreciate it.  Note, to encourage students, the section is sponsoring half of the registration cost. However, the $45 student rate is only available on the printable PDF registration forms that can be submitted by fax - they will not get this rate if they register online. So, for students who have not yet registered for the Annual Meeting, they can be directed to the registration form HERE. For students that have already registered for the Annual Meeting, but did not sign up for the CPE at the time, they can fill out the Registration Addition Form for the CPE found HERE. On either document, the student will have to note the CPE's session number, and write in the $45 student rate so that the form can be processed correctly.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

     Thanks very much,

     Angela Gore and Nicole Thibodeau

    GNP section research and teaching chairs