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    Julie Smith David
    The New Intelligence (Arizona St. and Knewton's...
    background document posted January 25, 2013 by Julie Smith David, last edited January 25, 2013, tagged Effective Learning, Faculty Careers 
    The New Intelligence (Arizona St. and Knewton's grand experiment adaptive learning)

    This article describes in a lot of detail the partnership between ASU-Knewton-Pearson and how technology-enabled changes are transforming the classroom at ASU.  

    I found this statement very thought provoking: "If anything, my brief visit to Bloom’s classroom at Arizona State left me with a greater appreciation of her role as an interpreter; deciphering and allaying the confusion of individual students where the Knewton algorithms could not."  

    Does this point to the changing role of faculty in the future?  If so, how do we get ready for these new models, and what can we do to be successful?

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    January 25, 2013
    higher education, adaptive learning, competency, ASU, Pearson, Knewton