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    Gordon Peter Wilson
    How do I locate a place to poste a suggested reading...
    question posted October 28, 2008 by Gordon Peter Wilson, last edited February 10, 2012 
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    How do I locate a place to poste a suggested reading assignment?

    I have an article I wrote to help my students, the press, and others understand the current debate regaring the appropriateness of mark to market accounting and, more generally, accounting judgments associated with measurement. This is currently a very controversial issue in the editorial pages of the top newspapers in the country. I motivate a classroom discussion that addresses the issues in the article using newspaper quotes that represent opposing positions on the debate.

    I wish to share the article with colleagues but can not identify the place where I should post it on AAA Commons. None of the headings in the Teaching Resources section seem appropriate. Am I missing something obivious?




    • Shifei Chung

      There is a related post by Bob Jensen entitled "SEC ISSUES DETAILED STUDY ON MARK-TO-MARKET ACCOUNTING" on Feb 22. I believe Bob posted it under "web resource."

      If you want to take the same step, you can click on the tab ROLES --> Teaching --> Resources. This will take you to the Teaching Resources page. On that page, you will see Quick Links with various options to post on the right panel; click on New web resource to add your post.

      Or you can navigate to Teacher2Teacher Home Page and follow similar steps.

      Or you can add a comment entry to Bob's post. :)