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    Stanford student creates YouTube Instant -- Gets job offer...
    blog entry posted September 10, 2010 by Richard E Lillie, last edited September 11, 2010, tagged technology 
    Stanford student creates YouTube Instant -- Gets job offer from YouTube CEO
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    Now, here's a fairy tale come true.  A Stanford student named Feross Aboukhadijeh created a real time search engine for YouTube videos.  Chat Hurley, YouTube's CEO liked the web search product and offered Feross a job.

    YouTube Instant works much the same way as the new Google Instant search process.  Type in the YouTube video you are looking for and the engine guesses the video and begins playing it immediately.

    The system is definitely in BETA status at this point.  The video plays instantly.  Unfortunately, there are no player controls.  Here's what YouTube Instant looks like at this point.  Want to have a little fun, go to YouTube Instant and give it a try.

    YouTube Instant

    Rick Lillie (CalState, San Bernardino)

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    According to Peter Kafka in D|All Things Digital (September 11, 2010), Feross Aboukhadijeh (the YouTube Instant Dude), cannot accept the job offer from YouTube since he is currently working as an intern at Face Book.  Too bad.  Feross seems to be a brillant computer science student at Stanford University.  Kafka's article includes a very interesting interview with Feross.

    According to the story, Feross wrote the code for YouTube Instant in about three hours.  His roommate bet him that he could not write the code in less than an hour.  Feross lost the bet but gained instant notoriety.

    Click the picture below to access Kafka's article.  It is fascinating to see how quickly information travels in cyberspace.  The story about YouTube Instant started with a simple "tweet" message.


    Rick Lillie (CalState, San Bernardino)