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    Christopher P. Aquino
    Chris Aquino, Asst Prof of Acctg, Niagara University
    1-Our Profession, 2-Our Institutions, 3-Our Faculty, 4-Our Curricula, 5-Our Students, 6-Our Data, 7-Our Process
    volunteer posted July 27, 2013 by Christopher P. Aquino, last edited July 27, 2013 
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    Chris Aquino, Asst Prof of Acctg, Niagara University

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    Niagara University

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    We are planning a Pathways Commission Workshop as a part of our annual CCTL event in early of January of 2014.  The event will be held on our campus and will feature presentations and interactive activities related to the Pathways recommendations from experts in all affected areas (accounting practiontioners, accounting faculty, secondary education teachers, education professors, experts in thew area of technology teaching tools, etc.)  

    I was wondering who specifically to contact for guidance on the program for our event and possible support fot it (speakers, resources (including hardcopies of the report), funding, etc.)  

    Please contact me at with your ideas.  Thank you.