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    Deirdre Harris
    CTLA 2010 Overview
    photos/video posted July 7, 2010 by Deirdre Harris, last edited February 10, 2012 by Judy Cothern, tagged CTLA 2010 
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    CTLA 2010 Overview

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    • Robert E Jensen

      There are now nearly 7,000 accounting education videos on YouTube, most of which are in very basic accounting.
      But there are nearly 150 videos in advanced accounting.
      There are nearly 70 videos on XBRL

      YouTube Education Channels ---

      "YouTube Better at Funny Cat Videos Than Educational Content, Professors Say," by Jeff Young, Chronicle of Higher Education, July 26, 2010 --- 

      While many students turn to YouTube when looking for help with their homework, it can be hard to find good-quality educational clips there, according to two professors who did a preliminary analysis of several video search engines.

      The two researchers, Jeffrey R. Bell, a professor of biological sciences at California State University at Chico, and Jim Bidlack, a biology prfessor at University of Central Oklahoma, entered scientific terms into several video search engines and analyzed the top 20 results from each one to compare their relevance and educational usefulness. Students were also shown some of the resulting videos and asked to rate their effectiveness at explaining the concept involved.

      The professors found that YouTube favored videos made by students as class projects, perhaps because those videos attracted more comments than professionally made ones, said Mr. Bell in an interview. Google Video returned the most high-quality videos in the top 20 search results, the professors said. (Google owns YouTube but also operates Google Video, which includes videos across the Web rather than just those on YouTube, which hosts videos from users.

      "You go into YouTube and you put in "mitosis," you're going to get 3,000 videos back," said Mr. Bell. "But no one looks at all of that. You're only going to look at the top 10, so the ranking algorithm is really important."

      The professors presented their findings during a poster session at last week's Emerging Technologies for Online Learning symposium, run jointly by the Sloan Consortium, a nonprofit group to support teaching with technology, and two providers of educational software and resources. The professors say they plan to expand their study and hope to publish the results.

      Jensen Comment
      I posted the following comment at the Chronicle of Higher Education:

      What the authors are indirectly concluding is that some of the top researchers in our most prestigious universities are lousy teachers.

      The videos that I've watched to date are only the top researchers from Stanford, Berkeley, and MIT. I thought they had a lot to say although they were not always the most dynamic speakers. Some were pretty good.

      What's lacking is the music and the graphics arts and the comedy found on Comedy Central. Take your pick.

      YouTube Education Channels ---  

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    • Robert E Jensen

      Enormous Alternatives for Free Education
      Open Courseware's Free Online Lectures and Courses ---

      An OpenCourseWare(OCW) is a free and open digital publication of high quality university‚Äźlevel educational materials.  These materials are organized as courses, and often include course planning materials and evaluation tools as well as thematic content.

      OCW Consortium members from all over the world are publishing OCW in a variety of formats, subjects, and languages.  Here are some ways to find OCW.

      Search Courses

      Using our specialized search engine, you can search for courses amongst all OCW Consortium members who are currently publishing a course feed.  You can begin by using the quick search form in the left side of the page, or go directly to the Advanced Course Search page.

      Browse Courses by Language

      We have also organized courses by the language in which they are published.  You can choose from available languages here.

      Browse Courses by Source

      You can also explore courses from each source, or publishing institution.  You can choose from a list of members here.

      OpenCourseWare Websites

      Not all OCW sites are publishing courses in a format compatible with our search index.  To see the entire list of OCW sites of members, visit this directory.

      For example, search on the term "accounting" without the quote marks at
      You will get some false positives, but most are right on!
      Accounting educators are not noted for being the most open sharing members of the academy.

      Hundreds of colleges have set up channels on YouTube ---
      Many universities offer over 100 videos, whereas Stanford offers over 500
      Also just go to YouTube itself and search on the such words as "Intermediate Accounting" or "XBRL" to find individual courses and tutorials.

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