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    Podcast: The Google Generation -- Myth or Reality?
    blog entry posted September 17, 2010 by Richard E Lillie, last edited September 17, 2010, tagged research 
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    Podcast: The Google Generation -- Myth or Reality?
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    JISC is an advisory committee to higher education in the UK.  Periodically, JISC issues research reports about higher education.  Click the icon below to access one of JISC's latest reports dealing with "The Google Generation."

    We have all heard about "Millennial" students and how tech savvy they are supposed to be.  From my experience, I am not at all certain that what we hear is true.  I find that Millennial (Google Generation) students have the fastest thumbs in the west and can answer a cell phone call at the speed of light.  Beyond this, their technology related skills, from an academic perspective, seem quite limited.

    This JISC podcast talks about characteristics of Millennial (Google Generation) students.  It runs about 22 minutes.  Click the icon below to access the JISC website.  Click the start button (>) to listen to the podcast.


    Rick Lillie (CalState San Bernardino)

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    • Robert E Jensen

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