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    It's that time of year: the X best... at everything!
    blog entry posted November 28, 2012 by Julie Smith David 
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    It's that time of year: the X best... at everything!

    I always enjoy reflecting on the year, and finding out what others think has made a from many of the "best of" lists that come out  at this time of year, the one that first caught my eye:

    7 Most Important Tech Trends Of 2012 posted on CIO's web site...

    What struck me as interesting was how many of these technologies (5 out of 7) have implications for accountants:

    1.  Big data - if we're not analyzing it, are we doing our job?

    3.  Near-field communications - what are the audit implications?  Privacy issues?

    4.  Biometrics - sure it helps with security, but, again, what about privacy?

    6.  Bring Your Own Device (BYOD—oh, don't I wish it was a "---B"?) - the technology challenges with consumer devices are huge, as are implications for processes (and SOX compliance), security, and potentially privacy

    7.  3-D Printing - We have entered the Enterprise and can have replicators in our homes!  Think how this could turn manufacturing on its head: no more "work in progress" and a lot less inventory!  Would ABC costing still be needed?

    My questions to all of you - are you including these in your classes and your research?  Do you think the accounting profession sees these initiatives as ones they should be involved in?  Do you think the article missed anything important?

    And if these aren't too interesting, here are a few more "best of's" for 2012:

    Happy New Year to you, and yours!