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    Tracey Sutherland
    Sign your accounting program up for Academic Access to the...
    discussion posted July 29, 2009 by Tracey Sutherland, last edited February 10, 2012, tagged FASB Codification, general, teaching 
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    Sign your accounting program up for Academic Access to the Codification

    Go to the AAA website to sign your pogram up for all accounting faculty and students to have access to the FASB Codification. Go to http://aaahq.org/FASB/Access.cfm for more information.



    • Denny Beresford

      This will be a terrific resource for the academic community.  However, can anyone tell me if there are online or other training materials for us to use to familiarize ourselves with implementation of the Codification?  What I have in mind would be some short, simple cases that would show how to research accounting issues using the Codification.  I'm familiar with the more general materials that the FASB has posted on its web site and they are good for background but they aren't as helpful in actually using the Codification.  I'm going to develop some cases for my own classes in spring 2010 but I'd like to be more comfortable with using the new tools myself before doing so and would appreciate being directed to educational materials that any of you may be familiar with.  Denny Beresford University of Georgia