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    Top 100 Tools for Learning 2013
    blog entry posted December 11, 2013 by Richard E Lillie, last edited December 11, 2013, tagged technology 
    Top 100 Tools for Learning 2013
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    For several years, Janet Heart (C4LPT) in the UK has compiled an annual listing of the Top 100 Tools for Learning recommended by instructors from around the world.  I've contributed to the list several times.  I'm always fascinated to see the kinds of tools and related innovations instructors use to create and share course materials.

    Click this link "100 Tools for Learning 2013" to access this year's listing.  You can click your way through a slideshare presentation.  Alternatively, you can scroll down the list of 100 tools.  Click a tool name to go to the tool information webpage.  A new feature of the information web page is the "Rankings" time line.  It shows how a tool's popularity has changed since Jane Heart began compiling the annual listing in 2007.

    Each technology tool has unique features.  When designing course materials, the "trick" is to select the tool or combination of tools that enables you to create the desired learning experience.

    If you would like to talk about a project you are creating, contact me by email at  Let's find a mutually agreeable time to connect.  I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,

    Rick Lillie, CSU San Bernardino


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