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  • Molly Wash
    Feedback from the Virginia Society of CPAs Educators...
    discussion posted February 25, 2011 by Molly Wash in The Official Pathways Commission > Pathways Discussion Page public

    What is the value proposition for a broadly defined accounting profession?
    The profession should look at the public’s view of the role accountants play in society. The general public still equates CPAs primarily with doing taxes and audits. A broadly defined accounting profession would advertise and utilize the profession's skills more fully.

    Who/what are our current/future markets for accounting information and professionals? What are the skills that future accounting professionals will require?
    The profession will retain its traditional markets of auditing, tax and consulting. In addition, the adoption of IFRS will open international markets. The profession will also play a vital role in sustainability issues. Future accounting professionals will need to be knowledgeable in IFRS, have significant computer, communication, quantitative, team building and critical thinking skills.

    How do we attract adequate numbers of high potential, diverse students/talent into the accounting profession and retain these students throughout their educational and professional pathways?
    The profession must target and provide more information about the profession to high school students. There is still a stigma attached to the profession. 

    What should be the accounting educational pathways?
    The CPA certification is not for every student. Some students will successfully pursue the CPA, while others will find successful careers in government and corporations without being a CPA. We need to make sure that their education allows them to be successful in public, private or governmental accounting.

    How do we eliminate structural impediments or better align existing systems to enhance effective accounting education?
    Funding is the most important issue. Many smaller schools cannot afford salaried Ph.D. faculty or offer a variety of accounting courses.