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"A life is not important, except in the impact it has on other lives." -- Jackie Robinson


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    Dr. Owen Cherrington

    At one point, I had the opportunity to work for Dr. Cherrington as a Teaching Assistant for a LARGE section of Introductory Financial Accounting.  One day, just after he'd given the mid-term exam and I'd fininshed helping with the grading, he gave me a short list of names of people from the class.  He asked me to look up their contact information and give it to him so that he could contact them.  When I asked about it, he indicated that they weren't doing particularly well in the class and that they had also missed some classes.  He wanted to speak with them personally to determine if they were okay and if there was anything he could do to be helpful to them.  His willingness to seek out the students who were struggling, even though it was a very large class, was inspiring to me. 

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