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  • Nancy A Bagranoff

    Tony - As you know, I responded to you at the SF Business Meeting regarding this view.  The AAA does an excellent job, I believe, in recognizing good ideas and talents and promoting those who have them and work hard on behalf of the organization, into positions of responsibility within the organization.  The three wise "people" (this will be my first year as one of them and we're not all men!) you mention actually have connection not only to the membership but also an appreciation for the efforts of many volunteers.  I can't tell you how much I learned from visiting all the sections and regions while President.  It not only provided me with a wealth of experience, but it also helped me to stay in touch with member concerns and ideas. 

    I have spent many hours thinking about contested elections over time.  When I was President of the IS section, we considered it and looked at the pros and cons.  I think many of our sections have struggled with the issue and at least one changed to contested and then switched back.  For me it comes down to a few basic issues.  Our organization has about 8,400 members.  Most are not engaged with or concerned about governance or leadership.  Members just want their services and products delivered efficiently and access to all the value the organization has to offer them.  Most members are not likely to know candidates for leadership.  So how does one "win" an election?  By running.  I can tell you that there are many people who have no interest in "running for office," but who have great interest in "serving."  Another issue is that these leadership positions are big jobs that require a clearing of schedules for several years.  Just the doing of it is quite enough.

    The changes proposed to the governance are meant to be more inclusive.  That has always been the intent.  For more than a year we have been holding forums, online discussions, meetings, etc.  The Government Initiatives Task Force, led so capably by Sue Haka, included a membership of representatives from a variety of sections and regions.  Our Spring Council meeting was devoted to obtaining feedback, as were two Town Hall meetings in San Francisco.  I and others thank you and all of those who have responded via the Commons Discussion Pages.  I am confident that your views and thoughts will be duly considered by many "wiser men" than me - but these are my two cents!

  • Nancy A Bagranoff

    Thanks, Dan.  I think the Council representation will be the main implication for the sections/regions. 

  • Nancy A Bagranoff

    Continuity is important.  Staggering of terms will be needed to ensure that turnover doesn't occur for the whole group every three years.