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  • Sue P Ravenscroft

    Although I have not studied the by-law changes in detail, I generally support the move to give greater authority to Council by changing section representation to the "senate" model, by making the terms three-years and rotating new members, and by having council appoint some key committee members.  I support those changes.

    I also think that all of Steve Zeff's suggestions, particularly those regarding follow-up by past Presidents, timing of the Business meeting, and contested elections, are good. 

    I don't know whether we need to have a mechanism for minority reports in the advocacy position section, but I am a bit skeptical that we would find many positions that the AAA can advocate for that have totally unanimous support by the members.  I hope that we can have a mechanism for minority positions, but am not sure how to go about guaranteeing that mechanism.




  • Sue P Ravenscroft

    Hi Julie,


    Live and learn....I tried to copy and paste and the paste kept going automatically to the Google bar. When I typed that incredibly complicated and long address myself in the top bar (the actual browser) THEN it worked.....


    Thank you for responding