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  • Gail Hoover King

    I use the commons to participate in task force and committee work, but I find it difficult to immediately find the appropriate hives (even with bookmarks).  It would be wonderful to have a simple way to go directly to my specific "groups". 

    Other uses are to look up classroom ideas or research - it would be nice to set up topics that I regularly look for such as active learning methods, CEA...  . 

     I have not yet used but would like to get to the point where I can store my research on the commons soI can work on things from anywhere in the world, but at the moment, I have not yet developed these areas. 

    A latest news in accounting (profession, regulation, and education) would be nice.  IN this I would also like to get information about meetings and other AAA news (grants awards...)  As it is right now I have to go (backout) to the aaa homepage to find out AAA info.  For instance, now that i am in the commons responding to this, I am thinking about the annual meeting and want to get some information on it. To do so I would end up logged out of the commons and have to reenter as my thoughts "stray" from one AAA resource to another.

    As a side note,  I would like to have a single login to this and to AAA publications, so when I search topic I can find all the resources I need.

    Thanks for asking and I will continue to think about other ways I might use the commons in the future.