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  • Gordon Peter Wilson

    Rick, thanks for taking the lead in developing the "teaching with technology" blog. You are among the few academics that broadly shares your technology tips. Moreover, you have a real knack for finding free or very low priced technology that works for professors and students alike that should be very popular given the financial limitations most everyone faces these days.

    We think you are on track to create a space for everyone to share ideas. It is especially helpful for you to provide the behind the scenes tips like the new unlisted video feature in YouTube. Providing these concrete tips will be one of the strengths of the blog.

    It would also be helpful to have more ideas that provide student productivity, as your welcome video mentions. What technologies do students want, value, and need (although they may not know that they need it)? In fact, we all want to implement technologies that add value to the learning process and not just add the latest technology for its own sake. Perhaps your blog can help us all prioritize our technology strategies to meet the diverse needs of our students.