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  • James Serocki
    Tax Careers34
    discussion posted September 15, 2010 by James Serocki 

    I would be interested in participating in a discussion in how best to provide business students (likely accounting majors) sufficient timely information to properly consider a tax career. It appears the recruiting process (e.g. for internships), primarily by CPA firms, comes early in a student's academic process usually junior status, often before any tax courses are taken. Therefore, most students being recruited, have only educational exposure to accounting through their course work and defer to a selection of assurance. As an academic (former practitioner) teaching taxation in a business school, my concern is that some changes need to be made in order to provide accounting majors a balanced exposure to all aspects of a career in accounting, including taxation.  This change process should be a collaborative effort by academia and potential employers (e.g. CPA firms, industry, government). 

  • AAA HQ
    Update after the 2013 Annual Meeting
    discussion posted October 12, 2015 by AAA HQ, tagged update 

    We hope you enjoyed your time at the Annual Meeting! We felt the momentum and enthusiasm around Pathways was strong and we wanted to thank you for making this Project a huge success!

    For the first time, the Pathways Commission had a booth at the Exhibit Hall which displayed all of our newest reports. Along with providing members with our newly published materials, the booth facilitated invigorating discussions about Pathways projects and possible future directions in accounting higher education. The booth was instrumental in connecting members and Commissioners in a more collaborative way allowing for the exchange of new exciting ideas and insights to emerge. On Tuesday morning, Pete and Carolyn Wilson visited the booth and gave a special presentation to the lucky visitors who happened to be visiting the booth at that time. This was a very special surprise, one that we hope will be repeated at next year’s Annual Meeting!

    In addition to the booth, Pathways had four panel sessions that highlighted the work we have accomplished since last August.  While the first session provided an overview of the progress of all six recommendations, the remaining three sessions provided a more detailed examination of the Commissions work on curriculum, advance placement and integrating professionally oriented faculty more fully into the faculty. All four sessions were followed by great discussions, demonstrating the continued interest and engagement in the Pathways mission by members who are ready to implement these new ideas at their institution. Overall, we felt that Pathway’s presence and mission was positively received and we look forward to your comments and future participation!

    Go Pathways!

  • Julie Smith David
    Ways to share and engage others:...
    discussion posted November 29, 2010 by Julie Smith David 

    I don't want to sound self-serving, but ASU has been working on defining what it will take to become the "New American University," and they have been engaging a wide range of people to try and identify both the challenges and the opportunities that we face on the horizon.  What they're trying to do seems very similar to Pathways' objectives - just focused in a different (although overlapping) area.

    They have developed a new web page to help people stay engaged, and I thought you might find what they're doing interesting - and as you start to answer some of the major issues you've posed, you might want to do something similar.

    To see what they're doing: