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  • Roger Debreceny
    JIS Conference 2016
    blog entry posted August 26, 2016 by Roger Debreceny, tagged research, teaching 

    The planning for the 2016 JIS conference is well advanced. It will be held at the offices of Workday, Inc. on October 13 & 14.  There will be a keynote address from Mark Nittler, Vice President , Enterprise Strategy, Workday, Inc on Big Data and Analytics and their relation to accounting and finance, three panels and five academic papers. A very limited number of places is available for professionals to attend the conference. The enclosed information packet has the program and administrative details. 

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    The 1st of January marks the commencement of our three-year term as the Senior Editors of the Journal of Information Systems. We have been working since June, however, putting together the many administrative and design features that go into making the journal a success. Most importantly, we have worked to build a great team of editors and members of the editorial board. Details of the eight editors and the editorial board are at www.jisonline.com.

    There are many other aspects of the administration of JIS that we have worked on but have much yet to do. This includes outreach, branding, environmental scanning and improving rankings. As we work more on these issues, expect to see more from this blog as well as our Twitter feed (@jiseditors), LinkedIn and Facebook.

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