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  • Robert E Jensen

    The Guardian:  Why are so many YouTubers finding themselves stressed, lonely and exhausted? ---

    Jensen Comment
    I hesitate to say that this is also a problem for bloggers, but most of the faculty bloggers in accountancy dropped out or greatly slowed down, including some of my favorites like The Grumpy Old Accountants, Accounting Education News, Accountinator, Accounting Cycle, Building Business Value, FraudBytes (nothing for nine months), MyEMBA, Pondering the Classroom, RandomThoughts (nothing in nine months), Really Engaging Accounting, Stephen Lynn's Blog, Stategic Management Accounting, Teaching Managerial Accounting, The Professor's Perspective, The Summa, The TaxDoc Spot, The Trite's E-Business Blog (Jerry still has a Zorba blog), The Accounting Coach, The XBRL Canada Blog, Thinking Outside the Box, Tic Marks, Análise de Balanço, Globaliconta, Ideias Contábeis, and Professor Lopes de Sá. The Accounting Onion is temporarily out of action, but it will probably return when Tom has fewer irons in the fire.

    I suspect virtually every other academic discipline had short-lived blogs by faculty who burned out of blogging or ceased blogging for whatever reasons.

    The AECM Listserv is a unique forum where accounting educators (and others) enter into debates as well as add news items. Many of the most active contributors, however, have dropped out such that there are many lurkers and only a few actives. I miss some of the former actives who liked to needle me and egg me on. I also miss some genuine experts who broadened my understanding of the world (like David Fordham) and some who were outrageous (like David Albrecht).

    What is really disappointing to me is that I can't think of an accounting educator from a prestigious university who blogs. Accountics scientists rarely stick their heads out of the ground. If I'm missing somebody here please let me know! They sometimes contribute working papers to SSRN, but the SSRN has a wall preventing interactive exchanges with authors. It's like they don't want to be bothered by readers.

    I really, really miss the Grumpy Old Accountants because they adopted the Abe Briloff (Barrons) style of criticizing published financial statements. I also miss Accounting Education News that kept me up to date on happenings on the other side of the pond.

  • Robert E Jensen

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  • John Alan

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