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Much is being written about the dramatic changes that higher education is facing.  As part of our Sharpening Our Vision project, the task force is collecting resources that can provide insights into how our mission - and faculty roles - may be changing.  Below, you can find resources about the four elements of our mission:  Expanding Knowledge and Idea Development, Enhancing Effective Learning, Informing & Influencing Policy and Practice, and Advancing Faculty Careers.

if you know of other resources the Task Force should consider, please post them here - or add your comments to documents we have already posted to help us understand your thoughts, issues, and concerns.


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Members of the Task Force

  • Julie Smith David
  • Tracey Sutherland
  • D. Scott Showalter
  • David E Stout
  • Susan K Wolcott
  • Barbara Brady
  • Elaine G. Mauldin
  • Susan V Crosson
  • Anne L Christensen
  • Barbara A Thomas
  • Brian R Greenstein
  • Donald E Wygal
  • Susan Boedeker Hughes
  • Bonnie K Klamm
  • Hughlene A Burton
  • Paul F Williams
  • Bambi A Hora
  • Charles R. Baker
  • Leslie G Eldenburg
  • Christine Ann Botosan
  • Ervin L Black
  • Nancy Uddin
  • Jim Young
  • Donald Lamar Ariail
  • Jagdish Pathak
  • Donald Larry Crumbley
  • Alan Reinstein
  • Michael A Diamond
  • Marlene A Plumlee
  • Graham Gal