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  • Diane Hazard
    Did you know?
    blog entry posted February 9, 2012 by Diane Hazard 

    The AAA Digital Library now has Online Early posting of pre-print versions of accepted articles. This is a wonderful new feature that allows readers to access journal articles within a couple days of acceptance … no need to wait for the journal to print and mail to access the latest accounting research. Go to and click on the “Online Early” links to see the available articles. You can see abstracts of all the pre-prints and full text of the articles in the journals you subscribe to.

  • Tracey Sutherland
    New AAA Council Elects Chair and Chair-Elect
    blog entry posted January 4, 2012 by Tracey Sutherland, tagged Council 
    New AAA Council Elects Chair and Chair-Elect

    Bob Allen and Pat Poli were elected as Council Chair and Chair-Elect for 2012-2013 during the new AAA Council's meeting just before the holidays. Their election is a major step forward as we implement the changes recommended by the Governance Review Task Force led by Sue Haka and voted on by the Association membership. The Council developed a committee-of-the-whole process for the election, which was led by Nominations Committee Chair, Paul Williams. The result is that Bob and Pat are the first officers of the AAA Council as it progresses into its new role.   Both have served in numerous roles in the AAA - Bob brings experience as President of the TLC Section, and in service in the Auditing Section and Conference on Teaching and Learning (CTLA); Pat has served as President of both the International Section and Northeast Region.  

    Thanks to Bob and Pat for their commitment to serving colleauges in this new leadership adventure!

  • Julie Smith David
    Want to get your students engaged? Try PollEverywhere6
    blog entry posted December 29, 2011 by Julie Smith David 

    For the last year, the Conference on Teaching and Learning (CTLA) has been participating in the Regional Meetings, and I've had the great fortune to work with some of the best scholars of teaching in those events... and I have learned a LOT from them!!

    One thing I have struggled with is how to engage students, efficiently, during class... and I got some help with this from Mike Meyer.  He introduced all of us to a tool called PollEverywhere that allows you to take real time polls - using your audience's cell phones!!  You embed a poll into your PowerPoints, your students send text messages for their responses, and the PowerPoint updates in real time so you can see what your students are thinking.  It's clickers without the pain of the devices!!

    Have you used clickers - or tools like PollEverywhere - to liven up your classes?  If so, please click "more..." below, and then use comments to let us know how you've done it, and any keys to success. (And I've included some more details about using the tool that you'll see when you click "more...", too) 

  • Julie Smith David
    We've been listening: new AAACommons landing page?3
    blog entry posted December 8, 2011 by Julie Smith David 


    Thanks to everyone who has been sharing feedback on the AAACommons with us.  

    One of the concerns that we've heard is that finding the right content is challenging, and we've been working to find solutions.

    To the right, you'll see a possible new home page for the AAACommons (and if you click on the picture, it will expand to full size).  Notice that on there are large buttons to take people to the most popular areas within the Commons.  And the colored buttons go to section/region.

    We're also thinking that "less is more" for the front page, and will only have announcements and rotating blog posts to keep it short.

    What do you think about these changes?  Click more below, and post your comments!

  • Julie Smith David
    Introducing the New Digital Library!
    blog entry posted November 2, 2011 by Julie Smith David 

    digital libraryThe AAA is pleased to be rolling out its new Digital Library platform. Click here: to see it. The features you will notice include:

    - Articles are available when accepted, prior to publishing the complete journal

    - You can track citations from articles that you like

    - You can sign up for email alerts for Table of Contents from your favorite journals

    - You can read journals - and learn about being an author in them - from the same site

    To jump start your experience, we've created some videos and will be developing a "Questions and Answers" list within the Commons.  To go to the support area, click here: AAA Digital Library Support

  • Julie Smith David
    A Gem from CLTA at Midwest: YouTube Videos for Classs75.0
    blog entry posted October 17, 2011 by Julie Smith David 

    IBM RFIDI had the pleasure of attending the Conference on Teaching and Learning (CTLA) at the Midwest Region meeting this past weekend, and one of the gems that I took away was the power of using YouTube videos in class.  Mike Meyer, from Notre Dame, encouraged us to find and share videos that would give our students a "common understanding" of business environments that they are unfamiliar with - especially if they're traditional students.

    The video he shared (click on the image to see) provides a glimpse into what grocery stores might be like in the future.  And he has used it when he teaches inventory to illustrate how emerging technologies (RFID, in this case) can enhance a firm's control environment.

    The session participants had a range of experiences with video, and promised to share their favorites with the rest of us.  So, for everyone who uses video in class, please click on the title above to open this post, and then enter your recommendations as comments.  I'll have them transferred over to the teaching area so everyone can find them here - and there.  And thanks in advance!

  • Julie Smith David
    What's the Value of Video?6
    blog entry posted September 16, 2011 by Julie Smith David 

    McCartney VideoWe've been working to improve our video capabilities, and are happy to announce that we're using a new platform to deliver high quality video to our members.  We can now offer password protected video content that is stored and delivered from a robust, reliable platform.  This means that the videos can be stored in their full length version (rather than 10 minute videos that many platforms limit you to) and that the bandwidth to/from the provider is quite good (although if the bandwith to your class or home is small, your experience might be less satisfactory).

    Now that we have this, what more can we do with video?  Could we support your teaching efforts? Enhance our research offerings?

    Click "more..." below to learn more about our video initiatives and to help us understand what you'd like to see in video from the AAA!

  • Julie Smith David
    Will the iPad change things (2.0)?24
    blog entry posted August 30, 2011 by Julie Smith David 

    inkling 2.0 One of the most viewed posts on the AAACommons is an earlier blog entry on whether the iPad will change anything... there have been over 1,100 views of the post, and over 50 comments (with huge thanks to Bob Jensen for continuing to update the conversation!).

    Today I saw a new blog post on Inkling 2.0 that I thought I should share - and that will take us to a new round of discussions on this topic.  Inkling is a digital publications organization that has taken a very serious and creative approach to designing college textbooks to capitalize on the power of the iPad.  

    Click "more..." below to learn about the new addition and to post your thoughts on how the iPad and other tablets are changing what YOU do!

  • Kevin D Stocks
    Submit Your Question(s) to Bob Herz2
    blog entry posted June 20, 2011 by Kevin D Stocks 

    The Monday morning plenary speaker at the AAA Meetings in Denver is Robert Herz, the former Chair of the Financial Accounting Standards Board.  Mr. Herz has agreed to an interview/conversation format where he will address questions submitted by the membership of the American Accounting Association.  This is a great opportunity for all of us to hear from somebody who has had a unique perspective in observing the evolution of financial reporting in today’s economic environment.  

    We invite everyone to submit a question to Bob Herz by Monday, August 1.  The topics can be broad or specific and can pertain to any issue related to financial reporting.  Examples might include, the accounting standard setting process, convergence with IFRS, the challenges of regulating financial reporting in today’s economic environment, or implications of recently released updates to accounting standards. 

    Bob Herz

  • Kevin D Stocks
    Going Green and the AAA3
    blog entry posted April 13, 2011 by Kevin D Stocks 

    Many accountants are helping organizations change business practices and performance metrics so that they conserve and protect our natural resources. This GO GREEN sustainability focus has already appeared in many of our academic programs. With all of the discussion regarding this issue, the question to consider is what the AAA could do to make our practices more environmentally friendly.  It seems to me that the first process we might consider are the practices the AAA uses in organizing and running our annual meeting.  I invite your suggestions on how we can make the practices we use for the AAA Annual Meeting this August in Denver more green friendly.   Recognize that all suggestions cannot be implemented immediately, but any suggestion is worth considering and we should try to implement those that we can.