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A Conversation with Bob Herz

Bob Herz

Monday Plenary, August 8, 2011 ~ 8:30 am–9:45 am

Bob Herz is looking for your questions to address in his presentation. Click on the green "Submit" button below to ask your question by Monday, August 1. Note: if you are not logged in, you will see and need to click on the red arrow.

An arm-chair discussion with former FASB Chairman Robert H. Herz on issues of most interest to AAA members, including his perspectives on accounting standard setting, international convergence of accounting standards and potential use of IFRS in the U.S., challenges and opportunities facing the reporting system, and accounting education and research.

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We invite everyone to submit a question to Bob Herz. The topics can be broad or specific and can pertain to any issue related to financial reporting. Examples might include, the accounting standard setting process, convergence with IFRS, the challenges of regulating financial reporting in today’s economic environment, or implications of recently released updates to accounting standards. If you prefer, you may email the question to Lynn Rees, AAA Annual Meeting Program Chair at Please submit your questions by Monday, August 1.


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