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    Progress and Next Steps
    discussion posted October 13, 2015 by AAA HQ, tagged discussion 

    Recent Progress:

    • Compiled best practices from professionally oriented faculty surveys
    • Professionally Oriented Faculty Integration Principles
    • Journal of Accountancy taking the lead in publishing research summaries--more publications to follow
    • Faculty “Boot Camps” process developed and planned for three AAA sections
    • List of activities and opportunities provided to academics
    • Opportunities for externships/internships explored

    Next Steps:

    • Recruit programs to adopt POF Integration Principles
    • POF Integration FAQ guide
    • Identify ways to expand academic research on topics of practice interest
    • Expand distribution channels for research summaries
    • Continued expansion of “boot camps”
    • Increase connectivity between faculty and practice
    • Facilitate career transition between practice and higher education