Recommendation #1: Our Profession

build a learned profession

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Recommendation #1 

a learned profession for the future by purposeful integration
of accounting research, education, and practice for students, accounting
practitioners and educators. 


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  • The ASK1
    discussion posted October 5, 2015 by AAA HQ, tagged discussion 

    Help us encourage widespread implementation of leading practices. The Pathways Commission is asking your department or institution to adopt the principles spelled out in this document (click more below) and to openly acknowledge your support in this journey to build a learned profession.

    Here's how you can begin the movement:

  • Professionally Oriented Survey
    discussion posted October 3, 2015 by AAA HQ, tagged discussion 

    Want to contribute your responses to the Professionally Oriented survey?

    Click here if you’re a
    Department Chair:

    Click here if you’re a
    Professionally Oriented faculty member:

    Your responses count! Thank you for your participation and continued support in the Pathways Commission.




  • Pathway to Academia for Accounting Professionals Webcast
    video posted October 7, 2015 by AAA HQ, tagged video 

    Webcast Summary

    This 120 minute webcast teaches individuals how to transition into teaching accounting as a "second career". 

    Learn from six individuals who have made the transition to their first teaching opportunity, teaching qualifications, teaching preparation, typical work days, various roles and compensation, and "what would you do differently."

    The goal is to demystify the types of opportunities available in teaching and help you take that first step to become an academic.

    Viewers will learn:

    • What opportunities exist for practitioners to teach at the collegiate level
    • Necessary qualifications
    • Academic life overview
    • How to get started

    Brought to you by the Pathways Commission
    Sponsored by the American Accounting Association and the American Institute of CPAs.


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    • Bootcamps 2015
      discussion posted October 5, 2015 by AAA HQ, tagged bootcamp 

      Come experience this innovative learning experience where faculty and practitioners work together to create a program that helps faculty incorporate current issues of practice into their classes and research! The Pathways Commission’s focus on enhancing the value of practitioner/educator exchanges led to the approach of the largest public accounting firms to support expanding a successful project of the Auditing Section of the AAA.  The enthusiasm of both the firms and the professors is astounding and in the coming year three more bootcamps are planned for management accounting, tax, and accounting information systems.

      Scheduled Bootcamps


    • This recently published article in the June 2014 Journal of Accountancy titled, Highlights of Ethics Research supports Pathways Commission’s efforts and Recommendation No. 1 goal to “build a learned profession for the future by purposeful integration of accounting research, education, and practice for students, accounting practioners, and educators". The dissemination of practice- related research to practitioners supports this recommendation. Please click here for the full text of the article.