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  • Gulraze Wakil
    Document Camera2
    question posted January 2, 2015 by Gulraze Wakil 
    Document Camera

    Hi. I borrow a document camera from our media dept. in the university. I am now looking to buy one. Any suggestions on a reasonable one for teaching accounting to ~ 100 students.


    Gulraze Wakil, BCOMM, MA(Econ), PhD, CPA, CGA

    Assistant Professor-Accounting Area

    Sprott School of Business, Carleton University

    1015 Dunton Tower, 1125 Colonel By Drive

    Ottawa, ON    K1S 5B6   Canada  

    613-520-2600 x1759 

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  • Gulraze Wakil
    Anybody have a link to an ABC real company video?2
    question posted August 15, 2013 by Gulraze Wakil 
    Anybody have a link to an ABC real company video?

    I am not looking for a video to explain how ABC works because I do that. What I need is a video showing it in action in a real company or real company employees talking about it. I had a VHS in 2008 before from Kent State U. library but now I am at Carleton U.

    Thanks, Gulraze Wakil, Assistant Professor, Carleton U. Canada.

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  • Richard E Lillie
    Using Google Search to find publisher test banks on the...2
    question posted December 12, 2012 by Richard E Lillie 
    Using Google Search to find publisher test banks on the Internet -- Do your students do this?


    I teach several online courses.  I use timed exams for some of the courses, while others are open-book, research-type exams without time limits.  Sometimes, I use publisher provided test banks as a source of multiple-choice type questions.  I tend to select questions that are rather difficult and not readily found in text material.  In other words, students have to really think in order to answer the questions.

    I'm fully aware that many test banks are readily available via the Internet.  Until recently, this did not bother me too much.  However, this past term, a couple of grad students showed me how to search for specific questions using Google Search.  The students simply copy/pasted a test question into the Google Search line or typed in the question.  The search process quickly opened the test databank for a specific chapter and damn near took students right to the question and suggested answer.

    I'm reasonably savvy when it comes to technology.  However, I did not realize the extent to which test banks and other supposedly restricted publisher-provided support materials were readily available online via Google Search.  To see how pervasive this situation might be, I applied the Google Search technique to several questions from several exams.  Each search result produced the test bank by chapter, question, and answer.

    I've used a variety of techniques to protect exams (both traditional and online formats) and overall course assessment strategies and I've felt pretty comfortable with test results.  However, this latest approach to using Google Search has caused me to rethink how I approach testing in traditional, blended, and online course formats.

    I am interested in your experiences with this issue.  I look forward to reading your comments and suggestions.

    Rick Lillie (CSU San Bernardino)

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  • Gulraze Wakil
    My experience with Lenovo X230T6
    question posted July 15, 2012 by Gulraze Wakil 
    My experience with Lenovo X230T

    Not a question.

    I have used the Lenovo X230T for the last 3 weeks and wanted to share my experience with it since some maybe considering buying it. It was released in June.

    -This is the new model from the X220T and is a convertible tablet laptop, 12.5" screen. Std is intel i5 but I went with 3rd. generation i7.

    -The power and ease is similar to a standard lenovo laptop. They have changed the keyboard which is at least as good as before. Since it is a tablet laptop, it easily converts into just a tablet. When I am outside, I am seeing more and more people using the ipad. Last week at Starbucsk and the airport I converted this PC to a laptop and I was within seconds using the digitizer pen and also using the touch screen capabilities. It was fun. However, the main advantage was that within seconds I converted it to a regular laptop on the flight and worked and SAS runs for my research.

    -I have used the pen writing abilities for email and writing with MS office applications. Pretty good but need to improve my writing. Since it is summer, I have not used the writing abilities in class yet. Hope to get back to you on how it worked in class in the fall.

    -The major difference between predecessor X220T is the new keyboard and USB 3.0. I bought it for the dual abilites of fast computing and teaching with the digitizer pen instead of blackboard.

    FYI, Gulraze.


  • Gulraze Wakil
    Writing on tablet15
    question posted October 27, 2011 by Gulraze Wakil 
    Writing on tablet

    Hi all. First thanks is due to Richard Lillie for setting up this blog. I found it in no time.

    I recently started teaching large accounting classes and students at the back can't see what I write on the board clearly. I don't do that many power point slides. I am considering buying a tablet computer to write on and have that displayed on the projector.

    Any advice or experiences would be useful. Also, does anyone have comments comparing a plain tablet [e.g. ipad] to a full laptop tablet?


    Thanks, Gulraze Wakil

    Assistant Professor, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. 


  • Robin Campbell
    Is an online education credible to most employers today?245.0
    question posted February 5, 2011 by Robin Campbell 
    Is an online education credible to most employers today?

    I am in my final semester to earn my associates degree in accounting at Elmira Business Institute in Elmira, NY and want to know if you have any thoughts on the credibility of online schools such as: Phoenix, Kaplan, or any others.  In the small amount of research that I have done it seems as though online schools are less credible than regular universities.  I want to pursue a bachelors degree in accounting while I am working; however, I do not want to waste my money on a school that is not credible to most employers.  I somewhat understand the accrediting concept.  Does accredited equal credible in all cases?  Do you have any suggestions?  Thanks

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  • Julie Smith David
    How did you make your video?20
    question posted July 2, 2010 by Julie Smith David, tagged technology tools 
    How did you make your video?

    I really like your "introductory" video, and I wondered what technology/ies you used to create it... and how long did it take you?

    I hope one of the things you're going to include in this blog is how you use video, too... I'm just getting started with this, and I could use help!