Recommendation #5: Our Students

improve the ability to attract high-potential, diverse entrants into the profession

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Recommendation #5 

Improve the ability to attract high-potential, diverse
entrants into the profession.

Pathways Vision Model: THIS is accounting!

During 2013, a task force was empaneled to develop a vision of accounting, with a focus on what people should understand as a result of their first exposure to accounting.  They worked with Dan Roam, a visualization expert, and explored society's perceptions of accounting and the task force member's actual experiences with accounting.  The result of their efforts, and input from many others, is a visual representation that illustrates "THIS is accounting!"

Everyone is encouraged to share graphics created, and this web site is designed to give you what you need.  Watch the task force video to understand the richness of the model.... Use the graphics in your classes... Even make posters for your office.

And please provide feedback - this should be the start of a great discussion to help change society's perceptions of what accountants do!

The Artwork and the Details



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Thanks to the Task Force Members:

  • Ellen Glazerman, EY
  • Leslie Knowlton, Deloitte
  • Lisa Koonce, University of Texas
  • Sam Leno, formerly Boston Scientific
  • David Moss, Citigroup - Citi Markets
  • Dan Roam, Digital Roam, Inc.
  • Julie Smith David, American Accounting Association
  • Tracey Sutherland, American Accounting Association
  • Mike Tiller, Indiana University, Pathways Commissioner
  • Carolyn Wilson, Boston College
  • Pete Wilson, Boston College