Bylaws: Pre-Ballot Review

Written notice of bylaws amendments to be presented for member vote

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Review Amendments!

As you know, a Governance Review Task Force (GRTF) made up of Section and Region leaders and chaired by Past President Sue Haka has been working over the last year or so to review and suggest changes to the current AAA Bylaws.  At their November meeting the Executive Committee passed a motion to send the GRTF bylaws amendment to Council for a vote on whether to send GRTF bylaws amendment recommendations to the membership for a vote.  In December 2010, the members of Council approved sending this proposal to membership for a vote. Also during Fall 2010, two Amendment Petitions were submitted by Larry Crumbley, with the requisite not-less-than-100 AAA members' signatures. As required by XIV. Amendment of the AAA Bylaws, all proposed bylaws amendments are scheduled for a 90-day posting period, after which they will be put to a vote by the membership on April 11, 2011.

The "Timeline" (upper right side) provides a summary of the steps of this process.

The links under "Supporting Documents" (at the middle right) provide the GRTF charge, timeline, and current and proposed governance organizational structures proposed in the GRTF amendment proposal.

Scroll down to find FAQ's and the Current and Proposed Bylaws with sample ballot documents.

FAQ's about AAA Bylaws Revision

Current and Proposed Bylaws with Sample Ballot

Discussions on Pre-Ballot Review