Bylaws: Voting Results

the results of the member vote on the bylaws amendments

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Voting is Complete!

We’ve been holding a vote of the membership on proposed revisions to the AAA Bylaws.  Votes have now been tallied and verified for the ballot period that ended on May 11th.  Three separate amendments comprised the ballot:  a series of changes based on the work of the Governance Review Task Force (GRTF), Executive Committee, and Council; and two amendments arising from member petition initiatives.  All three amendments have passed (see voting results below).

As a forum for scholarly interchange in accounting, it is always our objective to maintain an organization that promotes the values of integrity, objectivity, and a sense of community, transparency, and respect for other individuals and our community.  Through the recent engagement of our members, who graciously spent valuable time reviewing and aligning our Bylaws, we have successfully enabled our organization to be more responsive to change and opportunity into the future.

Thanks to everyone who’s been part of this process, especially leaders of Regions and Sections, who participated in numerous conference call discussions as the Governance Review Task Force refined its recommendations.

As the transition unfolds, we’ll keep you abreast of further progress and invite your input.  As always, we want to make certain that members are engaged in open, inclusive processes that strengthen the foundation of the AAA community.

You can find the new Bylaws on our web site at, and you can click the buttons to the right to review the complete background in the AAACommons Bylaws space, where we’ve been posting full documentation throughout this process.


Voting results
(706 total valid votes – 689 cast electronically, 17 by paper ballot)

GRTF/EC/Council Developed Bylaws Amendment

·      Approve:  602

·      Do not approve: 88

·      None selected:  16

Amendment Petition #1 – providing that the slate put forward by the AAA Nominations Committee include at least two names for each position (put forward by Larry Crumbley)

·      Approve:  468

·      Do not approve:  231

·      None selected:  7

Amendment Petition #2 – providing that the AAA Nominations Committee be made up of two most recent AAA Past-Presidents and five members elected by Council (put forward by Larry Crumbley)

·      Approve:  486

·      Do not approve:  210

·      None selected: 10

Discussions on the Ballot Results

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The Governance Review Task Force

  • Vaughan S Radcliffe
  • Gail Hoover King
  • Nancy A Bagranoff
  • Kevin D Stocks
  • Bambi A Hora
  • D. Scott Showalter
  • Susan Haka
  • Christine Ann Botosan
  • Karen Pincus
  • David E Stout