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    Corporate Board Governance and Voluntary Disclosure of...
    research summary posted May 7, 2012 by The Auditing Section, tagged 13.0 Governance, 13.05 Board/Audit Committee Oversight 
    Corporate Board Governance and Voluntary Disclosure of Executive Compensation Practices
    Practical Implications:

    Consistent with prior corporate governance research, this study concludes that more independent boards of directors are associated with better shareholder representation in disagreements with management.  Moreover, the results highlight the importance of the board governance process for effective decision making. This study documents that having less time to meet as a group and having fewer directors serving on the board can lead to reduced transparency. Frequent board meetings would facilitate greater information sharing among directors and more directors serving on boards would allow better workload distribution and committee assignments.


    Laksmana, I. 2008. Corporate board governance and voluntary disclosure of executive compensation practices.  Contemporary Accounting Research 25 (4): 1147-1182.

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