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research summaryA Risk Model to Opine on Internal Control.0672Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsOctober 19, 2015
research summaryAn Experimental Examination of Factors That Influence...0402Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsSeptember 17, 2015
research summaryAudit Partner Evaluation of Compensating Controls: A Focus...0158Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsFebruary 16, 2015
research summaryDetection and Severity Classifications of Sarbanes-Oxley...0856Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsOctober 24, 2013
research summaryHow Do Auditors Address Control Deficiencies that Bias...0215Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsJuly 28, 2015
research summaryInternal Control Assessment and Interference Effects0483Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsMarch 3, 2015
research summaryInternal control deficiencies in tax reporting: A detailed...0656Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsJanuary 20, 2016
research summaryManagement control system design, ownership, and performance...0249Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsNovember 14, 2016
research summaryMaterial Weakness Remediation and Earnings Quality: A...0279Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsOctober 16, 2015
research summaryReducing Management’s Influence on Auditors’ Judgments: An...0419The Auditing SectionMay 25, 2012
research summaryThe Effect of Change in the Reporting Threshold and Type of...0132Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsNovember 5, 2014
research summaryThe Effect of Documentation Structure and Task-Specific...0619The Auditing SectionMay 25, 2012
research summaryThe Effects of Cognitive Style and Feedback Type on...0655The Auditing SectionMay 25, 2012
research summaryThe Failure to Remediate Previously Disclosed Material...0478Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsJune 22, 2013
research summaryThe Quality of Internal Control over Financial Reporting in...0484Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsJuly 27, 2015
research summaryThe Role of the Internal Audit Function in the Disclosure of...0635Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsMarch 4, 2015

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