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research summaryReal Earnings Management: A Threat to Auditor Comfort?0298Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsJanuary 12, 2017
research summaryFraud dynamics and controls in organizations.0225Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsSeptember 16, 2015
research summaryThe Impact of Authority on Reporting Behavior,...0176Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsJuly 28, 2015
research summaryCumulative Prospect Theory and Managerial Incentives for...0405Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsJuly 28, 2015
research summaryThe Ties that Bind: The Decision to Co-Offend in Fraud.0267Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsJuly 28, 2015
research summaryDoes Internal Audit Function Quality Deter Management...0790Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsJuly 27, 2015
research summaryTone Management.0468Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsJuly 16, 2015
research summaryThe Effects of Auditors’ Accessibility to “Tone at the Top...0269Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsFebruary 24, 2015
research summaryManagement Credibility and Investment Risk: An Experimental...0261Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsDecember 1, 2014
research summaryThe Effects of Clients’ Controversial Activities on Audit P...0228Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsOctober 20, 2014
research summaryAuditor Perceptions of Client Narcissism as a Fraud Attitude...0391Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsJune 7, 2014
research summaryPrior Exposure to Interviewee’s Truth-Telling &...0188Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsOctober 22, 2013
research summaryThe Impact of Management Integrity on Audit Planning and...05398The Auditing SectionMay 25, 2012
research summaryCFO Intentions of Fraudulent Financial Reporting0851The Auditing SectionMay 25, 2012

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