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research summaryAudit Firm Tenure, Non-Audit Services, and Internal...0275Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsJuly 22, 2015
research summaryCan Auditors Mitigate Information Asymmetry in M&As? An...0360Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsFebruary 24, 2015
research summaryDo Big 4 Auditors Provide Higher Audit Quality after...01075Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsSeptember 17, 2015
research summaryDo Industry-Specialist Auditors Influence Stock Price Crash...0302Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsMay 31, 2016
research summaryFemale Auditors and Accruals Quality0515Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsFebruary 24, 2015
research summaryFirm versus Partner Measure of Auditor Industry Expertise...0366Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsOctober 10, 2013
research summaryMalleable Standards of Care Required by Jurors When...0265Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsJune 26, 2017
research summaryOn the Benefits of Audit Market Consolidation: Evidence from...01233Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsMarch 31, 2016
research summaryThe Contagion Effect of Low-Quality Audits at the Level of...0390Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsJune 26, 2017
research summaryThe Effect of Auditor Quality on Financing Decisions0533The Auditing SectionMay 25, 2012
research summaryThe Effect of China’s Weak Institutional Environment on t...0467Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsSeptember 15, 2015
research summaryThe Effect of Joint Auditor Pair Composition on Audit...0332Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsJune 26, 2017
research summaryUnderstanding Audit Quality: Insights from Audit...0361Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsFebruary 16, 2017
research summaryUnderstanding the Relation between Financial Reporting...0346Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsJanuary 17, 2017
research summaryWhen the PCAOB Talks, Who Listens? Evidence from Stakeholder...0372Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsJune 22, 2014

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