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research summaryThe Effect of a Superior’s Perceived Expertise on the P...0190Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsApril 19, 2017
research summaryAuditor Tenure and Stock Price Idiosyncratic Volatility: The...0292Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsJuly 18, 2016
research summaryAudit Quality and Analyst Forecast Accuracy: The Impact of...0303Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsJuly 18, 2016
research summaryAudit Hours and Unit Audit Price of Industry Specialist...0254Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsJune 2, 2016
research summaryAudit quality and the market value of cash holdings: the...0427Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsJuly 30, 2015
research summaryClient-Auditor Supply Chain Relationships, Audit Quality,...0265Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsMarch 2, 2015
research summaryIndustry Audit Experts and Ownership Structure in the...0265Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsMarch 2, 2015
research summaryFair Value Measurements and Audit Fees: Evidence from the...0635Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsMarch 1, 2015
research summaryNational Level, City Level Auditor Industry Specialization...0302Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsFebruary 24, 2015
research summaryMarket Reaction to Auditor Switching from Big 4 to...0792Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsNovember 10, 2014
research summaryFirm versus Partner Measure of Auditor Industry Expertise...0361Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsOctober 10, 2013
research summaryAuditor Differentiation, Mitigating Management Actions, and...0231Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsOctober 10, 2013
research summaryAn Examination of Partner Perceptions of Partner Rotation:...1401Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsDecember 18, 2013
research summaryIndustry- versus Task-Based Experience and Auditor...0215Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsSeptember 26, 2013
research summaryThe Influence of Audit Firm Specialization on Analysts’ F...0843The Auditing SectionMay 25, 2012

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