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research summaryA Field Survey of Contemporary Brainstorming Practices0609Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsFebruary 20, 2017
research summaryAttention to Evidence of Aggressive Financial Reporting and...0778The Auditing SectionMay 25, 2012
research summaryAudit risk Assessments Using Belief versus Probability0231Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsNovember 10, 2014
research summaryAuditing Fair Value Measurements: A Synthesis of Relevant...0532Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsMarch 31, 2016
research summaryAuditor Mindsets and Audits of Complex Estimates.0545Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsJuly 22, 2015
research summaryAuditors’ Professional Skepticism: Neutrality versus P...0868Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsJuly 28, 2015
research summaryAudits of Complex Estimates as Verification of Management...0567Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsOctober 19, 2015
research summaryClient Identification and Client Commitment in a Privately...0427Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsOctober 20, 2015
research summaryConstrual instructions and professional skepticism in...0214Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsFebruary 17, 2016
research summaryDevelopment of a Scale to Measure Professional Skepticism03041The Auditing SectionMay 25, 2012
research summaryDo changes in audit actions and attitudes consistent with...0270Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsOctober 22, 2013
research summaryExploring Trust and the Auditor-Client Relationship: Factors...01639The Auditing SectionMay 25, 2012
research summaryField Data on Accounting Error Rates and Audit Sampling0632Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsJuly 20, 2015
research summaryHow Do Auditors Behave During Periods of Market Euphoria?...0179Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsApril 17, 2014
research summaryThe effect of an Audit Judgment Rule on audit committee...0260Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsFebruary 17, 2016
research summaryThe Effect of Audit Inquiries on the Ability to Detect...0702The Auditing SectionMay 25, 2012
research summaryThe Effect of Client Lies on Auditor Memory Resistance and...0187Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsAugust 30, 2016
research summaryThe Effect of Partner Communications of Fraud Likelihood and...0367Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsJune 22, 2017
research summaryThe Effects of Professional Role, Decision Context, and...0397Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsJuly 16, 2015
research summaryThe Outcome Effect and Professional Skepticism0382Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsFebruary 16, 2017
research summaryTrust and Professional Skepticism in the Relationship...0420Jennifer M Mueller-PhillipsJune 22, 2017

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