Pathways Commission Public Meeting

February 26, 2011 - Atlanta, GA

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Overview of the Public Meeting

A joint project of the American Accounting Association (AAA) and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the Pathways Commission sought public comment and recommendations on future paths of higher education for the accounting profession at its public meeting in Atlanta, GA, on February 26, 2011 in the Marriott Gateway Atlanta Airport Hotel (within walking distance of Hartsfield International Airport). The meeting was open to the public, and approximately 80 people attended.

Even if you were unable to attend this meeting, we still need your input. We are posting all of the presentations files that were shared in Atlanta, and videos of the sessions will follow shortly.  If you review these documents, please share your thoughts - both confirming and questioning - on the ideas presented.  Our goal is to generate engagement with the broad community in the accounting education process, with priority on involving perspectives from across the “supply chain” of the path through education to practice.  Your participation is critical to our meeting this goal!

Presentations made at the public meeting


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