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A Message from Mary E. Barth - This video of Professor Ron Dye, of Northwestern University, entitled “An Overview of Accounting Theory from the 1970s to today” is part of the AAA’s ongoing efforts to be global thought leaders in accounting. During the 2014 Annual Meeting in Atlanta, two distinguished researchers each graciously agreed to create a short video to convey some aspect of their research they want to share broadly across the academy and beyond. These distinguished scholars are Professors William Beaver and Ron Dye. Ron Dye’s video is the first in this series; the other will be posted in the coming weeks. The videos will be posted on the AAA’s website so that anyone in the world can view them and learn from these distinguished scholars. I gained new insights from viewing Professor Dye’s and I am sure you will too! The AAA plans to ask other distinguished scholars and educators to create additional videos so that we can share with the world the wide range of expertise that resides within our membership. Stay tuned!

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