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Independence & Ethics


Risk & Risk Management, Including Fraud Risk


Audit Team Composition




Internal Control





Auditing Procedures





Engagement Management





Auditor Judgment





Audit Quality and Quality Control




Client Acceptance & Continuance

Accountants' Reports and Reporting


Auditor Selection and Changes

International Matters


Standard Setting




Corporate Matters


Thank You!

Thank you to the following Auditing Section Ph.D. Student Members who helped write the research summaries:

Jaehan Ahn Matthew Ege Joleen Kremlin Mike Ozlanski
Kathleen Bakarich Kathy Enget Philip Lamoreaux Richard (Kyle) Peel
Dereck Barr Cassandra Estep John Lauck Josette Pelzer
Bradley Bennett Rebecca Fay Brad Lawson Elizabeth Poziemski
Carol Bishop Laura Feustel Danielle Lombardi Linda Quick
Jon Black Brent Anthony Garza Amy Lysak Kerri-Ann Sanderson
Colleen Boland Christine Gimbar Tracie Majors Joe Schroeder
Erik Boyle Erin Hamilton Eldar Maksymov Lori Shefchik
Kelsey Brasel Denise Hanes Jason Matthews Marcy Shepardson
David Andrew Breger Erwin Hardeman Michelle McAllister Sarah Stein
Melissa Carlisle Nancy Harp Sean McCarthy Nopmanee Tepalagul
Heather Carrasco Erin Hawkins Paul Michas Adam Vitalis
Julie Coffey Patrick Hurley Bob Mocadlo Kecia W. Smith
Ken Dalton Andy Imdieke Michael Mowchan Xia (Summer) Xiao 
Sean Dennis Brett Kawada Marc Neri Hui (Helen) Xu
Marcus Doxey Elena Klevsky Erin Burrell Nickell Daniel (Yuepin) Zhou
Kara Dugas      
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