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Accounting IS Big Data

Big data and analytics are transforming many aspects of business and accounting has many opportunities to both enable change and to be changed.

The AAA’s Centers for Advancing Accounting are facilitating the exploration of the role of big data and analytics in the accounting profession. With input from professional accountants, members of the academy from multiple fields, and technology leaders, the anticipated outcomes include identifying opportunities for accounting practices, education, and research.

The AAA's Centers for Advancing Accounting hosted their inaugural event: the Accounting IS Big Data Conference, on September 3-4, 2015 in New York City at the New York Marriott Marquis located in the heart of Times Square. 

The meeting was amazing.  If you did not attend, you will still be able to participate! The sessions were all video taped and are now available to AAA members. Case materials used during the conference are also available to AAA academic members. CLICK HERE for the conference videos and cases.

The teaching and research related discussions held during the meeting were a great start and will continue throughout the year with webinars, research initiatives, teaching materials, white paper development, and the aggregation of other resources to spark collaboration as we explore the opportunities and risks that big data provides to the accounting profession and academy.  Many thanks to contributors from both the practice and academic communities! Bookmark the url to join the discussions.