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  • Jessen Hobson

    Hi Julie. Would the guest access allow an RA to post data and documents to certain hives?

  • Judy Cothern

    Unfortunately you cannot add the section and region home pages to your favorites because of the type of pages the are. Only pages that actually hold content (called hives) can be made favorites. To easily navigate to the MW home page, go to the green navigation bar at the top of the page, click on communities, regions, and then MW. You can alternatively get there by clicking on the MW Members Group listed in your personal profile and then in the top right corner, click on MW Home. 

  • Julie Smith David

    Hi, Ann,

    I've asked Judy Cothern to add Rick and she'll let us know when his account is ready.  Thanks for testing!


  • Ann Gabriel

    Hi Julie

    I'd be happy to be a "beta tester."  Our member is Rick Payne <>.  He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).   Our hive is MAS Interaction with Practice.

    Let me know if you any additional information.


  • Julie Smith David

    And we're also looking into allowing guest members as part of another team.  Ann - would you be willing to be a "beta tester" for non-members getting into the Commons?  I think we could create accounts for your team, and then work with them to be sure that their AAACommons access is appropriate.  Please let me know if you're willing to test with us, and if so, the names and contact information for your guests.


  • Shifei Chung

    Good question. Currently, the Public Access Team, headed by Jane Saly, which consists of members of AAACommons Editorial Board, is looking into this issue. Specifically,

    1) What content should be public and what should be private?

    2) What practices do we need to develop to ensure private materials remain private?

    3) What policies do we need for public access?
  • Carolyn M Callahan

    Thank you Julie.  I will try the short answer first.  One other comment,  I am a member of the APGL group but it does not appear in my window along with all the other groups I belong to.  I joined mid-year. While I remain on Arkansas' faculty until June 30, 3009  I have made a transition that is both scary and exhilarating.

    I was going to cut and paste (from  Outlook)--my new contaact information but this function does not seem to be working.  Is there another way to cut and paste?  I have lots of questions but, I really see the potrential of the AAA commons for researcers, teachers and everyone.   Thank you very much for all the work you and others have done on our behalf.



  • Julie Smith David

    Hi, Carolyn,

    This question has a short answer, and a longer one... First, if you go online today, when you click on your name in the upper right hand corner, you should come to your profile.  Then you click on "Edit Profile" and you'll be able to change the values.  You can update your Work E-Mail on that page, or click the "Account" link and you can change your log in e-mail.

    Unfortunately, the better answer is that you want to update your e-mail in the AAA member database.  In about 2 weeks (I hope!) there will be a new log in process for the AAACommons - and all of the data from the AAA member system will automatically be passed here.  This feature is called Single Sign On and makes sure that there is one master record for you, and you'll only have to update your information once.... So, if you can hold on for a couple of weeks, I'll post instructions to update with the new process. 

    Sorry that functionality isn't ready quite yet!

  • Julie Smith David

    The teaching area pulls from any teaching resource hive... and, unfortunately, the presentations aren't in that type of hive.  We had thought that the region/section presentations wouldn't be a good fit, but perhaps we need to use tags and have the "teaching" presentations come into a panel... but I'm afraid we won't be able to get it into the specific course areas.

    Let's talk a little next week!

  • Jane Saly

    This is a brand-new feature. You are quite correct that the time for the meeting reflects the time zone on the computer you are using to access the Commons. So all of the attendees will see the time reflected for their time zone. For example, if you take your computer (that shows Central time) to New York, it will still show times using Central time zone unless you change your computer's clock to Eastern. We recommend that you put the time (and time zone) in the title so people won't get confused.

  • Jane Saly

    Oh, I didn't even think about that. Glad you figured it out. Jane

  • Andrea Alston Roberts


    Silly me.  My old email address was in my profile.  I just updated it with my new school information.  Hopefully this should work now. 


  • Andrea Alston Roberts

    Hi Jane,

    I am not getting alerts when the members of my hive post.  Also, I notice that I have the box checked 'email me when others comment of this post' and I did not get an email notification when you posted your response.

  • Jane Saly

    Andrea; You will not get an alert when you post or comment - only when someone else does so. When you create a hive, you are automatically subscribed but you can turn that off. Yyou may have inadvertently done that. Would you like me to post to your hive so you can see if it works? Another way to check is to have someone else make a post. At the bottom of the page (before they finish), they will see a list of subscribers who will receive the email alert. If you wish me to make a post, please add me to your hive.

  • Shifei Chung

    HI Andrea,

    If you do a search using the name, there will be a list of search results. You can then click on each name to see the profile of that person.