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  • Richard E Lillie
    Has something gone "bust" on the AAA Commons Main...2
    question posted November 23, 2008 by Richard E Lillie in Questions public

    All of a sudden, there are no more links under the teaching and research sections on the AAA Commons main page.  There used to be lots of links to explore.  Has something gone bust with the main page of AAA Commons?

    Rick Lillie

  • Andrea R Drake
    how do I change the security setting from private...1
    question posted September 22, 2008 by Andrea R Drake in Questions public
  • Richard W Kreissle
    Logging Out1
    question posted August 25, 2008 by Richard W Kreissle in Questions public

    When using my lap top provided to me by my college (Landmark) I generally don't tell programs to remember my log in and password.  With this in mind, I'm pretty sure I didn't click on the Remember Me box when I first logged in. 

    I noticed though that when I log out of AAA Commons, close out of my Internet connection, and then go back in, that my AAA log in name and password appeared even though I'm pretty sure I told the site not to remember me. 

    For security purposes I wouldn't mind seeing the site forget me when I logout and the Remember Me box isn't checked if possible.  Thanks as always and take care!


    Rich Kreissle, Landmark College, 802-387-6893

  • Susan Haka
    revisions in a research hive1
    question posted August 15, 2008 by Susan Haka in Questions public


    My co-authors and I are wondering if there is a method wher papers posted to a research hive can be revised and then reposted without having to save the revised paper on your desktop and then reposting it? Can hivelive support revisions without reposting?


  • Edith Orenstein
    can we sort profiles in a list by last name?1
    question posted August 11, 2008 by Edith Orenstein in Questions public

    I like the new AAA commons and found the Q&As listed in this support section helpful (e.g. showed me how to post photo for my 'avatar'). When I looked at the listing of non-academic members of which I am one, the list is sorted alpha by first name; is there a way to sort it alpha by last name? Separately - a great feature of your commons is if you accidently log out before posting your question, it saves a draft copy of the question (which just happened to me). Thank you and best wishes with this innovative platform!

    Regards, Edith Orenstein, FEI

  • Janet Mosebach
    How do I change my region affiliation? (email question...1
    question posted February 24, 2009 by Janet Mosebach in Questions public

    AAA commons has me included in the Midwest Region but I am now in the Ohio region.  How do change regions so I can access the Ohio info?  I checked with AAA and they said my region automatically changed when I changed schools but the AAACommons still shows my old region. 

    Also, I updated my profile to show my current email ( but the "Settings" page shows my old email ( and there is no way to change it on that screen.  Where do I change this info? 

  • Jacquelyn Sue Moffitt
    FIA link missing from "Community" drop down menu1
    question posted January 6, 2011 by Jacquelyn Sue Moffitt in Questions public

    When I click on the COMMUNITY drop down menu, I do not find a link to the Forensic and Investigative Accounting Section.  I would like to see a link added there.  Thanks.

  • Andrea R Drake
    Sending e-mail to all hive members?1
    question posted February 16, 2010 by Andrea R Drake in Questions public

    I have created a rather large hive for the Management Accounting Section officers.  Is there a way to e-mail these members from the Commons? Or do I have to type all their e-mail addresses in an outside program?

  • Gordon Peter Wilson
    How do I locate a place to poste a suggested reading...1
    question posted October 28, 2008 by Gordon Peter Wilson in Questions public

    I have an article I wrote to help my students, the press, and others understand the current debate regaring the appropriateness of mark to market accounting and, more generally, accounting judgments associated with measurement. This is currently a very controversial issue in the editorial pages of the top newspapers in the country. I motivate a classroom discussion that addresses the issues in the article using newspaper quotes that represent opposing positions on the debate.

    I wish to share the article with colleagues but can not identify the place where I should post it on AAA Commons. None of the headings in the Teaching Resources section seem appropriate. Am I missing something obivious?


  • Andrea R Drake
    How do I find hives I have access to, but have not made a...15.0
    question posted October 8, 2009 by Andrea R Drake in Questions public

    A doctoral student made our "class" a hive and added myself and the other students as users.  However, neither I nor the other students could find the hive.  We eventually "stumbled" on it, but do not remember how we did it.  Is there an easy answer to the above question?