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  • Susan Haka
    How do region/section meeting teaching presentation...1
    question posted May 22, 2009 by Susan Haka in Questions public

    I saw a fabulous presentation (by Mark Holtzblatt, Roosevelt University) at the Ohio Region meeting that showed how to use IFRS Cyber-Guest lecturers (i.e. filmclips) in classes by embedding clips in powerpoint slides. After some prompting Mark posted the slides at the Ohio Region AAACommons site as part of the discussion associated with his presentation. However, when I go to Teacher2Teacher and look under either the IFRS or the International icons, the slides do not appear. Is it possible to have a link from teaching related region and section presentations to the teacher2teacher site? How could we make that work? Would it be possible for the region or section editorial board members to tag them in such a way that they would appear under the appropriate teacher2teacher icons?

  • Susan Haka
    How to schedule a conference call or a meeting in a...
    question posted May 11, 2009 by Susan Haka in Questions public

    Is there a mechanism for scheduling a conference call or meeting in a committee hive? That is can committee members post there available times during for example a week and then the meeting coordinator then has the opportunity to see all the available times when scheduling the meeting?

  • Susan Haka
    RSVP feature for meetings and time zones1
    question posted May 8, 2009 by Susan Haka in Questions public

    I love the new RSVP feature in the committe hives for meetings. However, I have an upcoming conference call meeting with people in multiple time zones. When I post the time for the meeting, it only shows my time zone. What do committee members in other time zones see? Will they see my time zone or their time zone?

  • Andrea Alston Roberts
    I'm not getting email alerts when items are posted. How...4
    question posted April 22, 2009 by Andrea Alston Roberts in Questions public

    I have checked the boxed to get email alerts when there are posts to my hive.  However, I am not receiving the alerts.  Further, the mail icon does not look like the one on the 'how to get email alerts' video. So, I don't know if this has anything to do with it.  Please help.

  • Andrea Alston Roberts
    identifying member1
    question posted March 28, 2009 by Andrea Alston Roberts in Questions public

    I would like to add a member to a restricted hive.  However, several AAA members have the same first and last name.  Is there anyway that I can get additional identifying information so that I can make sure that I'm adding the right person. 

    Thank you.


  • Janet Mosebach
    How do I change my region affiliation? (email question...1
    question posted February 24, 2009 by Janet Mosebach in Questions public

    AAA commons has me included in the Midwest Region but I am now in the Ohio region.  How do change regions so I can access the Ohio info?  I checked with AAA and they said my region automatically changed when I changed schools but the AAACommons still shows my old region. 

    Also, I updated my profile to show my current email ( but the "Settings" page shows my old email ( and there is no way to change it on that screen.  Where do I change this info? 

  • Robert L. Braun
    Can AAAcommons be used to make files available to students?3
    question posted January 5, 2009 by Robert L. Braun in Questions public

    My co-author and I have an audit case that has been accepted at Issues. The case involves a module with audit documents that we want to make available to instructors and their students. Is there a way that we could make the documents directly accessible on AAAcommons? Ideally, instructors who use the case would simply forward to their students a link to a AAAcommons location where all of the documents can be viewed and printed. Is this possible?

  • Kin Lo
    Address database issue2
    question posted December 4, 2008 by Kin Lo in Questions public

    I am new to the Commons.  The address in my profile shows an address in the Okanagan, but my correct address is in Vancouver.  I asked my other colleagues at UBC and they have the same issue.  I wonder where the source of the problem is with the incorrect address.  Perhaps all of our mail from the AAA has been sent to the wrong address as well?

  • Richard E Lillie
    Has something gone "bust" on the AAA Commons Main...2
    question posted November 23, 2008 by Richard E Lillie in Questions public

    All of a sudden, there are no more links under the teaching and research sections on the AAA Commons main page.  There used to be lots of links to explore.  Has something gone bust with the main page of AAA Commons?

    Rick Lillie

  • Gordon Peter Wilson
    How do I locate a place to poste a suggested reading...1
    question posted October 28, 2008 by Gordon Peter Wilson in Questions public

    I have an article I wrote to help my students, the press, and others understand the current debate regaring the appropriateness of mark to market accounting and, more generally, accounting judgments associated with measurement. This is currently a very controversial issue in the editorial pages of the top newspapers in the country. I motivate a classroom discussion that addresses the issues in the article using newspaper quotes that represent opposing positions on the debate.

    I wish to share the article with colleagues but can not identify the place where I should post it on AAA Commons. None of the headings in the Teaching Resources section seem appropriate. Am I missing something obivious?