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reviewing the bylaws to enhance governance

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refining AAA's bylaws!

The American Accounting Association Bylaws have not changed significantly in nearly thirty years (when the council was created in 1981). Over that time period, the association and its environment have changed, creating a need for both more effective and efficient participation in governance from members and for more flexibility in the governance structure. Our AAA Bylaws are not synchronized with the current realities faced by the Association. In connection with the recent strategic planning process, over one year ago the AAA Executive Committee decided to initiate a bylaws revision process by establishing a Governance Review Task Force. The major bylaws changes being proposed are related to the composition and duties of both the Executive Committee, the Council, and to a lesser extent, the AAA standing committees. We are interested in your input regarding these changes.

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  • D. Scott Showalter
  • David E Stout
  • Parveen Parkash Gupta
  • Karen Pincus
  • Bambi A Hora
  • Christine Ann Botosan
  • Nancy A Bagranoff
  • Kevin D Stocks
  • Gail Hoover King
  • Susan Haka
  • Vaughan S Radcliffe