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Pathways moves into the implementation activities


On behalf of the Pathways Commission, co-chairs Bill Ezzell and Mark Higgins are honored to announce the twelve Recommendation Leaders who will take the project into its next phase: implementing recommendations set forth in the Pathways Commission Report released in August, 2012. 

HoneycombFor the last two years, the Pathways Commission has been investigating ways to enhance the opportunities and relevance of the accounting education experience. With a mission to consider accounting education and the accounting profession in the broadest sense, the Commission has made six recommendations that are bold in their reach and demonstrate the need to address difficult and persistent issues (click the report cover to the right to download their full report).  The Commission’s report also identifies deeply rooted impediments that must be overcome to empower the accounting discipline to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future.

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Addressing these challenges and opportunities will require wisdom, creativity, and 

leadership from across the broad accounting community.  For each of the six ongoing recommendations, two Recommendation Leaders have agreed to constitute task forces charged with implementing action items for each recommendation.    As shown here, these leaders come from a wide range of organizations and have extensive, broad industry experiences (click the figure for a full size version):


Video from AAA Northeast Region Meeting (October 2013)

Video Updates from the AAA Annual Meeting (August 2013)

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