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Pathways Continues:  Implementation of the recommendations from the Pathways Commission report, Charting a National Strategy of the Next Generation of Accountants continues through Pathways Inspired activities.Success will ultimately be measured by ongoing efforts to continuously identify challenges and develop innovative actions to address these challenges and an ongoing commitment by all stakeholders to maintain the momentum toward creating a more learned profession for the future. Please contribute your Pathways Inspired activities here!

Adopt the Principles and Support the Journey

  • Help us encourage widespread implementation of leading practices. The Pathways Commission is asking your department or institution to adopt the principles spelled out in this document (click more below) and to openly acknowledge your support in this journey to build a learned profession.

    Here's how you can begin the movement:

Already Making Progress? Share Your Success!

Pathway to Academia for Accounting Professionals Webcast

Webcast Summary

This 120 minute webcast teaches individuals how to transition into teaching accounting as a "second career". 

Learn from six individuals who have made the transition to their first teaching opportunity, teaching qualifications, teaching preparation, typical work days, various roles and compensation, and "what would you do differently."

The goal is to demystify the types of opportunities available in teaching and help you take that first step to become an academic.

Viewers will learn:

Webcast Link & Additional Information

  • What opportunities exist for practitioners to teach at the collegiate level
  • Necessary qualifications
  • Academic life overview
  • How to get started

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